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  • Set: Come Play With Us
  • Pornstars: Maya Kendrick,Vanna Bardot
  • Vanna Bardot
  • Vanna Bardot is a playful teen who loves toys, boys, and anything else that'll make her tight little pussy throb. Her puffy nipples are a perfect mouthful and her braces-filled smile is the epitome of innocence. You will love this tanned toned hottie!
  • Maya Kendrick
  • Sweetheart Maya Kendrick has a girl next door sort of charm that will draw you in and keep you coming back for more. Her big nipples and slick pussy both beg to be licked and sucked. Don't miss this horny cutie as she shows she can handle a big dick!

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Description: Zac Wilde has just finished making a sandwich when he walks in on his stepsisters Maya Kendrick and Vanna Bardot dressed in identical dresses and asking him to come and play with them. It's super creepy and the girls don't stick around, so Zac doesn't think much of it. When he wakes up the next morning, though, the girls are back and this time they won't stop until they've got what they want. The girls crawl onto the bed and exchange a deep kiss to make their intentions known, then crawl up Zac's body to give him a double blowjob. When the girls finally lose the dresses, they return to resume their mutual blowjob before Maya climbs onto her stepbrother's fuck stick. She rides with a rhythmic rocking of her hips as Vanna holds her adopted sister's Hair back and suckles her titties. Zac doesn't understand what's going on, but he's happy to continue to let the girls have their way with him. When Vanna and Maya swap places, he continues to play stud as Vanna takes him for a test drive. Maya gets on her hands and knees to invite Zac to take a more active role in their lovemaking. He gives it to her, fucking her from behind as Vanna smothers Maya's moans with deep kisses. Then Vanna gets a second spin, this time laying on her back with her knees held up to her shoulders so that she's nice and open for Zac to pound away at that cock hungry pussy. Pulling out to cum at the last moment, Zac obliges Maya by aiming for her mouth as she leans in. Her mouthful of jizz is just what she needs to snowball her treat back and forth with Vanna.