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  • Set: Watch Me Undress
  • Pornstars: Natalie Knight
  • Natalie Knight
  • Young, blonde, and busty, Natalie Knight is a teen dream who's happy to show it all off. This horny student is ready to break out of her shell and explore the world of sex toys so watch her figure out how she likes to satisfy her meaty bald cooch.

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Description: Natalie Knight is always getting into trouble with her parents. Today, she's grounded alongside her stepbrother Tony for their constant arguing. Natalie decides to take that opportunity to tell Tony to turn around so she can try on her new clothes. Wen Tony won't turn around, Natalie tells him he can do whatever he wants but he shouldn't get any ideas. Then she starts stripping. When Tony realizes that Natalie is just trying to make him uncomfortable by teasing him, he whips out his dick and starts beating his meat. Finally, Natalie climbs onto the bed and asks if this is what Tony's been after as she takes his dick in hand. She helps him stroke it, then climbs on top so that her wet twat accidentally slides down on Tony's man meat. Her stiffie ride gets hotter still as she turns around and goes to town bouncing that booty on Tony's dick. Tony can't help but spank that ass. He can't stand it another moment; he gets his sis on her belly and pounds away at her ultra-tight twat. Rolling onto her back, Natalie is all smiles as she continues to take her brother's fuck stick between her thighs. The horny teen is locked and loaded to cum at the naughtiness of the situation. She's not about to leave Tony hanging, though. Instead, she gets back on her belly and goes back to sucking his hardon until he fills her mouth with a hot shot of cum.