Hot teens tricked into sex with strangers

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  • Set: My Step Sisters Best Friend Lost A Bet
  • Pornstars: Chanel Shortcake,Megan Holly
  • Chanel Shortcake
  • Cock craving cutie Chanel Shortcake is a blonde dream who'll follow whatever crazy scheme necessary to live out her erotic fantasies. She loves being watched as she fucks, and her smalltit certified nubile body will charm anyone she wants into bed.
  • Megan Holly
  • Cute little blonde Megan Holly is a braces wearing, fun loving teen. She's got a slim frame that really highlights how big her boobs have grown. Watch her explore the pleasures of her certified nubile body on her own and with a friend or two.

Hot teens tricked into sex with strangers

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Description: Chanel Shortcake is in a real pickle. Her best friend, Megan Holly, lost a bet and is now supposed to fuck Chanel's stepbrother, Jay. Chanel doesn't want Jay to collect on the bet because she's secretly into her friend Megan. Unfortunately for Chanel, Megan has been waiting for her chance to get it on with Jay so she willingly goes along with Jay to his room. Megan has just gotten Jay's cock in her mouth to start blowing him when Chanel barges in on them and makes it clear she's not leaving. Chanel finally confesses that she's liked Megan for a really long time and it's really hard for her to watch Megan fuck her stepbrother instead of her. The obvious solution to Megan and Jay is that Chanel just join in for a threesome. Eventually Megan agrees when they all pinky swear to keep it a secret. Jay suggests that the girls get naked, and they agree although Chanel is a little bit shy about it. Megan eases the way for Chanel by making out with her on the bed while Jay watches. Eventually, Megan falls onto her back with Chanel settled happily between her thighs eating her out. On her back, Megan can also suck Jay off. She gradually encourages Chanel to take her stepbrother's cock for a test drive. Soon Jay is on the bed with both girls lapping away at his fuck stick. Megan wants Chanel to enjoy every moment of their threesome, so she gives her friend the first ride on Jay's dick. Doing everything she can to double down on Chanel's pleasure, Megan rubs and licks her friends titties as Chanel rocks her hips for a slow and steady stiffie ride. The girls swap spots so Megan can sample the goods, but soon Chanel mounts her Stepbrother's cock again to test Jay out in reverse cowgirl while Megan spreads her cheeks, spanks her, and offers quick licks at her anus. Again, the girls tag out so that Megan can enjoy the same treatment. When they finally move on to a full-blown threesome, it's with Megan on her back while Chanel rides her face and Jay pounds her pussy. Then Chanel takes a proper pussy pounding on her belly while Megan sits in front of her face with her legs spread to be eaten out. The girls swap out once again so Megan can enjoy Jay's dick while she lays on her stomach, but as Jay comes close to finishing he wants inside his Stepsister. He pulls Chanel close and gives her a big creampie for Megan to lap clean from her friend's cooch.