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  • Set: She Wants To Be On Top
  • Pornstars: Winter Jade
  • Winter Jade
  • Check out the nipples on Winter Jade as she struts around in a bikini! She's got plenty to be proud of with her big boobs and perky nips that are an easy way to check if she's ready to fuck. Of course, this chick is always ready so enjoy her wild ride.


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Description: Winter Jade and her stepbrother Justin Hunt are staying with family. It's a small house, so they have to share a room with bunkbeds. Winter wants the top bunk, but so does Justin. Since Winter is so determined, she proves that the bunk is hers by peeling off her clothes and climbing up to rub her pussy all over the sheets and ladder. When Winter looks down, she claims that Justin has a boner. Justin says that's not true, his dick is just big. Since Winter is already naked, she decides to call Justin's bluff. Claiming that if Justin's dick is big but not hard it won't slip in if she sits on it, she climbs off the bunk and pushes Justin down on the bed. When she sits on his hardon, she does indeed slide right down on his cock. Now that she has proved Justin has a boner, Winter isn't about to let that big one go to waste. She rides him in reverse cowgirl, using the wall and bunk bed for balance. Then she rolls onto her back so Justin can give her landing strip pussy a good, hard pounding. On her hands and knees on the bed, Winter watches over her shoulder as Justin reenters her from behind. His long, deep strokes quickly get Winter moaning with the force of her pleasure. She's so satisfied that she wants Justin to feel the same way! Hopping off the D, she gets on her knees and starts gobbling that cock in a deep throat BJ that pushes all of Justin's buttons. He finally can't take it another moment, blowing his load in his sister's mouth.