Slutty step sis can

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  • Set: The Sleeper
  • Pornstars: Tiffany Watson
  • Tiffany Watson
  • Busty blonde Tiffany Watson is a budding beauty who's going to be right up your alley with her pretty bare twat that is always wet and wild. Watch her pull her lips apart to show you her dripping pussy nectar before taking a big dick!

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Slutty step sis can


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Description: Tiffany Watson has had a love hate relationship with her stepbrother T Stone for a while, and when the tall coed comes across him being dumb she hikes up her miniskirt and records herself rubbing her pussy. She bends over and rubs her tits in the camera too. She escalates even further by rubbing her ass to show it off. The next day, T finds out just what Tiffany did on camera when his friends let him know that she posted the video online. Instead of confronting his stepsister, he instead coaxes her into having sex for real after giving her a pussy fingering to butter her up. Soon he's standing behind her and pounding away at her creamy little twat while she moans her excitement at the illicit sex. Now that she has given herself to their coupling, Tiffany holds nothing back, She blows T with total enthusiasm and rides him so fast and hard that her boobs bounce everywhere. When he gets her on her back, she stares into his eyes as he brings her off. Tiffany's moment of bliss is cut short when T blasts off inside of her, though, filling her with cum as payback for her dirty video.