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  • Set: Tight Spot
  • Pornstars: Emma Evins
  • Emma Evins
  • Feast your eyes on redhead Emma Evins and enjoy all that this all-natural beauty has to offer! You'll love her creamy fair skin and her soft sweet boobs, but best of all is watching her moan in ecstasy as she takes a rock hard cock in her juicy snatch.


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Description: Sexy redhead Emma Evins needs to go to urgent care, stat! She's fidgety right from the moment she enters the car, complaining of a mishap that turns out to be a toy stuck deep in her cum craving pussy. It's driving her crazy such that she slips her shorts off and slips her fingers into her snatch to try again at getting it out. The Driver kindly offers to help Emma with her problem, and within moments he has managed to extract the toy from its tight spot. Emma is already so on edge that her landing strip mound is totally sensitized to every touch. The driver takes advantage, stripping her down and kicking off a raunchy sex session that Emma is only too happy to play in. From the moment her lips wrap around the Driver's cock to the second she slides her snatch down onto his raging hardon, Emma is all smiles and relieved giggles. They try out every position the car has to offer until Emma has had her fill of climaxes and the Driver has spilled his sticky load all over Emma's face until the redhead is left smiling and satisfied.