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  • Set: Dripping Wet
  • Pornstars: Kimberly Gates
  • Kimberly Gates
  • Feisty Latina babe Kimberly Gates is a vision of teen perfection! From her tight ass and long legs to her tiny tits and well groomed pussy there is not an imperfection to be found!

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Description: It's raining out, so the driver pulls over to see if Kimberly Gates wants a ride. She's hesitant at first, but soon she is baring her soul to the driver. Kimberly's boyfriend wants her to get a boob job, so she asks the driver's opinion of her small tits and big hard nipples. The driver admits he has a hard-on from watching Kimberly play with her breasts, and Kimberly decides that she wants to put it in her mouth. Putting action to words, she quite happily gives the driver some road head while he flips up her miniskirt and rubs her pussy beneath her thong. Once they've relocated to the back seat, there are endless possibilities for pleasure. Kimberly kicks things off by sinking down onto the driver's member so that she can ride him deep in her landing strip pussy. Then they discover that the seat is just barely wide enough to handle some missionary style fun, and that it easily accommodates a doggy style fuck fest that brings Kimberly to climax. The driver can't hold back a second longer with Kimberly's moans ringing in his ears. Pulling out, he jizzes all over her perky ass and covers her in his love as the final stamp of approval for her small tits before she goes in for her consultation.