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  • Set: Lets Play House
  • Pornstars: Kate Bloom
  • Kate Bloom
  • Spinner blonde Kate Bloom has trouble keeping her clothes on, but that's cool because her body is the kind you'll want to eat with your eyes. She's a rebellious little sex kitten who will fuck and suck whomever she needs to get her way.

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Description: Kate Bloom has been left in the care of her older stepbrother Jason, who is taking it upon himself to teach his little sis some responsibility. He agrees to help her out, but only if they revive an old game of house they used to play. They start with the dishes, then move on to making the bed. When Kate is done with laundry, she walks out into the living room to find Jason jacking off. He tells her that if they're going to play house as grownups, she has to learn to be a good wifey and help him get off as part of her chores. Kate agrees to give Jason a few licks, so he starts with that. When his stepsister's mouth is wrapped around his dick licking and sucking, he works on coaxing her into letting him see all of her goods. She eventually agrees to let him peel her panties off and admire the milky skin of her bare twat and ass. Jason can't see Kate like that without wanting to fuck her, and eventually she agrees to play that game. Relocating to the bedroom, Kate rolls onto the bed and watches as her Stepbrother slides his dick home in her tight little twat. She loves the way it feels and is still in the role of good wife from their game of house so she gets on her hands and knees and lets him explore a new position. Then she rides him in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl to see how each of those feel. Jason even gets the chance to shove his thumb against Kate's anus to double down on her pleasure. On her back once again, Kate lets her head fall back as Jason pops his load into her fuck hole until she is dripping with his creampie.