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  • Kara Faux
  • Kara Faux is a scrumptious chick with a tight body and a sex drive that's through the roof. You'll want to enjoy every inch of this hot number's body, from her tiny nipples to her firm ass to her creamy bald pussy that is filled with sweet nectar.

Anything can happen with a BrattySis in the house!

There’s enough family pie to go around!


You won

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Bambino is devastated when the model he lined up for his photography assignment cancels, but fortunately he convinces his stepsister Kara Faux to step in at the last moment. The only catch is that Kara has to model nude. She warms up in her bra and thong, but eventually her clothes have to come off. It's not long before Kara starts getting into it, even modeling her o-face. Bambino doesn't like what he sees, so he offers to finger bang Kara's bare twat for the real deal. While she's not looking he pulls out his hardon and sticks it in her. When she realizes that Bambino is actually fucking her, she is quick to agree that they should continue. Actually watching Bambino thrust into her is super hot, and entices Kara to climb onto his lap so that she can properly ride his stiffie so hard that her tits shake. Their wild coupling only winds down once Kara has climaxed so hard her whole body quivers. Wanting Bambino to feel just as incredible as she does, Kara drops to her knees and takes her time alternately stroking and sucking until he gives his Latina stepsister a salty surprise facial.