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  • Audrey Royal
  • Audrey Royal is the kind of sensual babe that you'll never want to take your eyes off of. Her meaty bald pussy is filled with sweet nectar, but to get to that treat you'll first have to seduce this tall vixen out of her clothes and into your bed.

BrattySis always gets her way, even if it means fucking her step brother!

Cum demanding princess


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Audrey Royal can't stop thrusting her hips so that her ass is in constant motion in its thong and her big areola tits bounce when she's on her back. It starts while she's asleep, but then happens when she's awake. She thinks there's something wrong with her, so she confides in her stepbrother Chad White. Later when Chad finds Audrey having another episode her plays with her pussy with his candy and then his tongue. When Audrey doesn't stop, Chad whips out his hardon and lines it up for her to fuck him. He doesn't move until she cums, at which point her attack mysteriously stops. The next day Audrey has another attack. When Chad finds her, he pulls out his dick for her to suck until he gives her a mouthful of jizz to swallow. When Audrey has yet another attack the following day, Chad offers to fuck her to get the attack to stop again. He feasts on her greedy bare pussy and then lays her down on the bed so he can pounder fuck hole. When Audrey climbs on top of Chad to ride him until she explodes, he fills her fuck hole with a creampie of cum.